Are vintage board-game nights the new going out?

We're so on board (#sorrynotsorry) with this remaking of vintage board games - and it's exactly what we'll be doing until the weather starts behaving itself again
Are vintage board-game nights the new going out?


Call it an extension of JOMO (that's FOMO's unashamedly unsociable cousin, the Joy Of Missing Out, if you weren't aware), but board games are the new clubbing. Don't @ us. 

Shopbop - as always - is one step ahead, carrying East Dane's modern recreations of vintage masterpieces from the '50s and beyond. Cluedo, anyone? 

Weather - do your worst. Between this and the Madeleine McCann documentary on Netflix, we've got plenty to do on the sofa.

Available at Shopbop, Dhs92

Shopbop ain't the only ones to jump on board (*ahem*) the bandwagon, either. Public Cafe in JLT provides it all - the location, the coffee and the games. Aside from our own front room, this hidden gem is where you'll find us from now on, enjoying the comfort and nostalgia of a bit of Monopoly

Available at Shopbop, Dhs110

Available at Shopbop, Dhs147

If you do fancy branching out, however, there's also been an uptick in real-life board games around town with the likes of Escape Hunt, Jumble and Phobia. If you ask us, though, you can't beat a bit of Pictionary. 

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