Five Missoni family secrets we learned from their cookbook

Francesco Maccapani Missoni has released The Missoni Family Cookbook, an ode to the recipes of his mother and grandmother, and a testament to the Missoni family values perfected over generations

Five Missoni family secrets we learned from their cookbook

It seems perfect timing for Francesco Maccapani Missoni, son of Angela Missoni and Marco Maccapani and the grandson of Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, founders of the eponymous fashion brand, to release a wholesome cookbook detailing the family’s treasured recipes through the generations.

Grazia find ourselves meeting with the 33-year-old Italian author as he absorbs acclaim following the release of The Missoni Family Cookbook, and here, we reveal five secrets about the legendary family...

Secret 1: Not all Missoni family members love fashion 

“I like fashion, but it is not one of my biggest passions. Food certainly is,” Francesco tells us. “I inherited my love of food from my mother, but my father is an amazing cook too. I grew up watching both of my parents cooking. My mum makes the best desserts, while my dad is the best at cooking pastas or meat.”

Secret 2: Why Missoni family dinner parties are legendary

Francesco explains, “A lot of good food and drinks to start. And then the casual atmosphere that makes everybody feel at home.” This, we feel, is an understatement. The Missonis manage to capture luxury and informality at the same time, a Missoni feast is not just a kaleidoscope of style with four generations of family wearing Missoni – it’s a smorgasbord of tastes, scents and colours.

Secret 3: The passed family member missed the most 

“I’d love to have the chance to have one more dinner with my grandpa Ottavio. He was an amazing storyteller. I would cook him his favourite dishes: jota soup, shrimps at the busara and to end some tiramisu,” Francesco muses when disclosing his fantasy guest list for one of the iconic soirées.

Secret 4: How they feel about fame 

Missoni didn’t just revolutionise knitwear; it forged a lifestyle that, like its collections, blends elegance with enthusiasm, and spontaneity with sophistication. So did Francesco feel pressure for the cookbook to be successful as he carries the family name? “Not at all!” he exclaims. “At the beginning, it was thought to be a private project to be shared in the family and maybe a couple of friends, but as it developed I realised it would be a shame not to share our passion for food with the rest of the world.”

Secret 5: A Missoni family tradition yet untold 

“Grandma Rosita teaches you how to pick mushrooms at a young age. She’s a master for hunting mushrooms. She can get six kilos of porcini in three to four hours of searching,” Francesco reveals. Needless to say, we’re rather impressed.

With The Missoni Family Cookbook, Francesco chronicles the family’s culinary customs in stunning detail, and invites readers right into the home of the family known so well through fashion. Wanting to ever leave seems unlikely.

Photos: Fabien Breuil and © Missoni