Here's what to expect on your next visit to Jameel Arts Centre

The contemporary art space is stepping up its health and safety measures to welcome guests back
Here's what to expect on your next visit to Jameel Arts Centre
The Jameel Arts Centre

Dubai’s contemporary art space Jameel Arts Centre is now from 10am to 6pm, daily except for Tuesdays. Exhibition spaces and visitor reception areas are disinfected and aired throughout the day after every visitation time period. Hand sanitiser is supplied for visitors at the entrance, along with face masks and gloves if necessary. Additionally, markers on the floors in non-exhibition areas show two-metre social distancing recommendations.

Guests are encouraged to book their two-hour slot visits online via the Jameel Arts Centre’s website. In accordance with the current UAE regulations, children under 12 years of age are not allowed, along with adults over the age of 60.

Three umissable exhibitions: 

Michael Rakowitz is an Iraqi-American artist, best-known for his drawing on  geopolitics, architecture, cultural artefact and cuisine to create greater charged, inspirational large-scale installations. His installations include extensive research and investigation, and touch upon conflicts and the devastation of material heritage. The artist's work is always serious, although humour frequently plays a supporting role. His exhibitions will be at the Jameel Arts Centre until 22 November 2020.

Michael Rakowitz arts exposed in the Jameel Art Centre (2020)

Lubna Chowdhary is famous for her sculptural objects and site-specific artworks, working primarily in the area of ceramics. 'Metropolis' is on display in the Lobby of the Jameel until 1 October 2020. Her work developed for a period of 28 years, involving more than 1,000 brightly coloured ceramic structures, abstracting monuments and towers.

A detail of Metropolis by Lubna Chowdhary (2020)

Jameel Arts Centre’s Artist’s Rooms series marks its return with three new solo exhibitions by influential artists (10 June 2020 - 3 January 2021), including the Middle East premiere of a two-channel film installation by Larissa Sansour that debuted at the Venice Biennale; a set of 60 etchings by Taysir Batniji; and an audio-visual installation by multi-award-winning Lawrence Abu Hamdan. 

Photos: Courtesy of the Jameel Arts Centre