Quarantine Chronicles: Jennifer Black

In this new series, Dubai's creative community invite Grazia into their homes to share the challenges and triumphs of their social-distancing experience and hopes for the future
Quarantine Chronicles: Jennifer Black

Jennifer Black is staying home with her daughter Ava-Grace

Jennifer Black is the colourful, creative force behind Dubai-based interiors brand Wear The House, and urges us not to let these difficult times distract us from our dreams. 

How are you finding the transition to a new way of working/life?
I am always based at home with my brand Wear The House, so the transition has been fine. I feel more inspired and focused in my own enviroment. My brand is all about home accessorising with fashionable elements and pyjamas that can be worn in the house and outside the house. I can't think of any better place to be right now.

What have been the biggest challenges?
The biggest challenge have been balancing the kids home learning and my business needs. Wear The House is still very much at the early stage of our journey, so there is a lot of focusing on brand development and designing new collections. My daughter Ava-Grace is at the school age, where she needs a lot of input and direction from me, which I am juggling with Wear The House demands. A typical day would be Ava sat next to me on her iPad doing homeschooling while I'm working on my laptop and I help out where I can. She also takes a lot of interest in my work.

What's been the most pleasant surprise?
Having more time has been amazing for me to have time to think and plan how I want to take the direction of Wear The House. We started creating posters recently with positive messages and was blown away with the reaction, especially during these unsettling times. Business doesn't need to stop, you can still find away to achieve your goals. Creativity is so important to me and I get a great amount of relaxation and satisfaction through painting. This has definitely got me through the days during lockdown. I have also been able to perfect my painting skills and with this we have some beautiful hand painted florals coming through for next season, which may not have normally happened due to time constraints. Also, having more quality time together as a family has been great, to have my husband home and for him to see more of the kids.

Jennifer Black is homeschooling her daughter Ava-Grace while developing new prints

What are your hopes for the future?
My hopes for the future are to stay healthy and happy as a family, to be able to look back and realise I made a difference for Ava and that we got through home schooling. I would love to see further growth for my brand, Wear The House. We have learnt so much from our first collection and can't wait to share what we are planning next. I would love to sell overseas and become a well-known brand. Also I'm very much looking forward to getting back to our pop-up shop in The Design House DIFC.

What message do you have for Grazia readers?
Try not to let these times distract you or let it effect your dreams. What I have learnt is that things happen for a reason, I always look at situations as a lesson and move on from them. Change can be a good thing, not always bad and remember things don't stay the same forever. Keep dreaming and use this time wisely, you may not get this much time to really focus again.

Photos: Courtesy of Jennifer Black