The United Nations needs YOU!

The United Nations is calling all creatives to help spread awareness in the fight against coronavirus
The United Nations needs YOU!
Courtesy of @kingadom

Get your creativity on and help flatten the curve. If you're an aspiring artist, a videographer, content creator, or a writer, the United Nations (and the world) needs you!

You can help by sharing critical public health messages through your art - thus informing people across the world. "We look to the creative community, using factual, accurate and science-based knowledge and messages, to help reach everyone, everywhere in this fight against the corona virus,” says Robert Skinner, Executive Director, UN Office for Partnerships.

Intrigued? The next steps are to pick one of the themes below, get creative and uplift audiences with your work. It can be an illustration, audio, video, or copy - just make sure it's informative, shareable and fun! 

  1. Personal hygiene
  2. Physical distancing
  3. Know the symptoms
  4. Kindness contagion
  5. Myth busting
  6. Do more, donate

Courtesy of @v5mt

The file formats of your work needs to be the following: 

  • Illustration and graphic design (formatted for social) - AI or PSD
  • Video (between 6 seconds and 3 minutes long), or GIF - MP4
  • Audio (music, PSA, comedy) - Soundcloud
  • Copy (news or magazine articles) - PDF
  • Activity concept (ideas for activities to do when staying home e.g. home concerts, sing-along handwashing, contagious acts of kindness) - PDF

You will also have the chance to get your work across multiple platforms around the world. Hint: a panel of industry leaders from advertising and entertainment industries will select their favourites to expose on their channels.

To help spread the word, you can also share your work on your social media channels by tagging @WHO @UN @UnitedNations @Talenthouse and use the hashtags: #CovidOpenBrief #UNCovid19Brief #FlattenTheCurve #SafeHands #AloneTogether #ViralKindness #StopTheSpread #Coronavirus #Covid19

You can also submit your work in both English and Arabic as well as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Hindi, Bengali, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Urdu, Swahili, Nigerian Pidgin, Yoruba, and Turkish.

Calendar alert: the campaign will remain open until 9 April and creators will be selected on 22 April! 

For more information and to submit your work, visit:

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