Celebrate local talent with a glorious exhibition of art next month

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Celebrate local talent with a glorious exhibition of art next month

‘Support local artists’ is a phrase you hear frequently if you follow any independent creative, and rightly so. Though the message is shoved in your face and oftentimes becomes background noise, it’s vital for up and coming artists. Their work can easily be drowned out by bigger companies offering highly manufactured and cheaper products that ultimately destroy the human factor of art and design. Rather buy from local designers that offer hand crafted products which are rich in culture and feature unique and interesting designs.

If you’re unsure where to find them, you’re in luck. Index Exhibition, the region’s largest interior design event, is being hosted right on your doorstep from 17th until the 19th of September. The event will feature new local brands, trend setting start-ups and well-known international names. Amongst them will be the Indus Heritage Trust, an organization that preserves and promotes the rich traditional arts and craft of Pakistan - which were at risk of dying out due to lack of popular demand. Through purchasing their beautiful home décor items, you directly support local Pakistani artisans; allowing them to produce high quality, hand crafted products that create a sustainable future for rural communities, providing them with economic independence through craft based skills.

Siddiqa Malik, Chairperson of Indus Heritage, says “We have always focused on preserving and reviving the rich craftsmanship represented in every region of Pakistan. In order for us to succeed in this mission, we worked on a model that strengthened the home based work structure, encouraging women to work in clusters to scale up production and to enable them to participate in preserving the age old craft without disrupting their family life. This has resulted in creating jobs for many talented artisans along with growing our operations throughout the country. We hope our participation in the Index Dubai event would not only create awareness and offer exposure to Pakistani crafts but will lead to partnerships and sales which directly generates revenue for our artisans.”.

You will find Indus Heritage at the Index Exhibition at Stand Nos: 2A 90

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  • Where: The Index Exhibition, The World Trade Centre, Dubai
  • When: 17 - 19 September
  • Times: 11am - 8pm

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