5 reasons why casting Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic is a stroke of genius

Tiger King was the Netflix viewing the world needed. Now Joe Exotic's life is being made into a miniseries with a heavyweight Hollywood cast
5 reasons why casting Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic is a stroke of genius

Tiger King star Joe Exotic will be played by Nicolas Cage

Netflix knew that one of the few things keeping us sane during this global pandemic is being reminded how crazy the rest of the world is. Step forward Tiger King, the seven-part story of the bizarre underworld of big-cat breeding that won its main character cult-hero status. Not content with a bonus episode, the world wanted more, and now we've got it, in the form of an as yet untitled miniseries based on the life of Joe Exotic. Here's why Nicolas Cage is said to have beaten Edward Norton, Rob Lowe,  and Dax Shepard to the title role.

He's Hollywood's wildcard
"Hollywood didn't know if I was an actor or a nut or if I was this crazy character I was playing. I had developed an image of being a little bit unusual, different and wild," Nicolas confesses.

He's no stranger to rocking a mullet
Take Conair (1997) as a case in point.

Nicolas Cage's lustrous locks were the best supporting actor in Conair

He's built a career from playing eccentric roles
The most colourful characters on his CV include: Ronny Cammareri in Moonstruck (1987); Sailor Ripley in Wild at Heart (1990); Ben Sanderson in Leaving Las Vegas (1995); and Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman in Adaptation (2002).

He's not afraid of animals
He portrayed an animal hunter in Primal (2019) and ate a live cockroach in the film Vampire's Kiss (1988) - which took him three takes. "Every muscle in my body didn't want to do it, but I did it anyway," he admits.

It's the fifth time he'll play a character called Joe
Film nerds will tell you the previous times are: Windtalker (2002), Bangkok Dangerous (2008), Joe (2013), and Between Worlds (2018).

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