Get paid to watch Harry Potter films? Where do we sign?

Wingardium Leviosa

If only we could get paid to binge watch Harry Potter movies. Oh wait, now we can! 

EDsmart announced this week that they will pay five people $41.50 an hour, plus $1,000 to watch all eight Harry Potter films and Fantastic Beasts movies. Now, it might take longer than the pillow challenge as the company estimates it's about 25 hours and 6 minutes to watch all films. But hey, anybody have any better plans right now? Nope, us neither.

As if we were in need of any further encouragement, EDsmart will provide the films and a Harry Potter Marathon Survival Kit, which includes Harry Potter Butterbeer Caramel Corn & Containers, Harry Potter Jelly Gummy Candy Slugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans & Chocolate Crispy Frog, a Harry Potter Gryffindor snuggie, a Hogwarts Alumni Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler, and a $100 GrubHub gift card. 

Your job will be to sit down and live stream as you watch the films, or post it on social media. According to EDsmart, the ideal candidate is at least 18 years old, loves social media... and of course, loves Harry Potter. Once you're done watching the films, you will be asked to rank each and write about your experience online.

Ready for the challenge? Apply here! May the best muggle win!

Photos: Instagram @gryffindior