Grazia Playlists: Karrouhat​

Bringing the dance floor to your door with a new series of playlists mixed exclusively for Grazia by Dubai's favourite DJs. This week, step forward Karrouhat
Grazia Playlists: Karrouhat​
Karrouhat is starting our weekend with a nostalgic Arabic pop soundtrack

Grazia is proud to continue to do our part to keep Dubai dancing and spotlight our community's most-talented DJs with a series of mixes to keep you moving until the day we can be reunited on the dance floor for real.

This week, DJ, producer and creative director Basil AlHadi aka Karrouhat takes us on an Arabic pop adventure via his family's favourite tunes to start our weekend. He tells Grazia: "I made this fun mix of energetic Arabic pop to make you dance. It's nostalgic set. I even sent it to my mum first to approve, and she loved it." Making the mix even more personal, he adds, "I closed the set with an emotional love song I wrote called Nefsi Aghaneelik which means 'I wish I could sing for you'."


 Wala Ala Balo - Amr Diab
 Habebe Da - Hisham Abas
 So Ya So - Mohamed Mounir
 Monaya - Moustafa Amar
 Sidi Mansour - Saber Rebai
 Haboso - Hakim
 Tab Leih - Ragheb Alama
 Allah Aleik Ya Seidy - Ehab Tawfik
 Ayshalak - Elissa
 Ya Rayah - Rachid Taha
 Didi - Cheb Khalid
 Ya Magnon - Asala
 Seta El Sobah - Husain Al Jassmi
 ElNas El Ray'ah - Ramy Ayach & Adaweya
 Nefsi Aghaneelik - Karrouhat

Photo: Supplied