Lizzo’s plagiarism lawsuit just got even messier

Truth hurts
Lizzo’s plagiarism lawsuit just got even messier

Musician, body-positivity activist and flute-player extraordinaire Lizzo has been dominating the charts – and our hearts – ever since she was catapulted into the spotlight with empowering bop Truth Hurts, which tied a record for the longest-running No.1 rap song by a female artist on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Unfortunately the alleged truth really has come out, as song-writing duo Justin and Jeremiah Raisen are claiming they helped co-write the song and were responsible for its iconic line. You know the one. The duo state they originally created the line for use in another song but it was added to Truth Hurts instead, and Lizzo is having none of it.

The pop star is taking legal action and filing a lawsuit to prove that the brothers did not write her hit song and shouldn’t be allowed to make money off of the song’s success – we think it’s a tad shady that they only want to be credited now that the song is a smash hit. Lizzo claims the line came from a meme that inspired her back in 2017 and she took to Twitter to defend herself, saying “There was no one in the room when I wrote it… that song is my life and its words are my truth”.

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The photos above are confusing to me and my brother @jeremiahraisen. Lizzo is claiming she wrote the song alone with her producer Ricky Reed. If this is the case why would she have tweeted a thank you for “the best gift ever” to Jesse Saint John in 2017. She thanked him for inspiring V1 of “Truth Hurts” from a “whole other song we wrote”...that song is called “healthy” which WE ALL wrote together. He was credited as a writer on “Truth Hurts” but no one else that was in the “Healthy” writing sessions was. We are all co-writers on “Healthy”, so lifting a part from that song & not giving all the writers who participated in the writing of it the credit they deserve doesn’t make any sense. Lizzo may have been alone when she wrote “Truth Hurts” but she wasnt when the iconic line and melody was created. That was in our session with Jesse Saint John and Yves Rothman on April 11th, 2017. the california raisens.

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We’re rooting for you, Lizzo!

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