Meet Hollywood's first plus-size superhero

We hope you’re taking notes, Disney
Meet Hollywood's first plus-size superhero

Following hot on the heels of barrier-breaking superheroes Ms Marvel and Black Panther is a bubbly sci-fi nerd. Erm. Did we mention she has telekinetic powers and can fly? Yeah. Move over, Superman.

Introducing Faith Herbert, Hollywood’s first major plus-size superhero flying towards the silver screen. The Valiant Comics character will feature in live-action Faith, produced by Sony Entertainment and written by word-wizard Maria Melnik. In other words, Faith is going to be a film starring a women, written by a woman, and co-created by a woman.

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If you draw a blank on anything superhero-related past the latest Spider-Man movie, worry not. Here’s everything you need to know about this crime-fighting superhuman.

Faith Herbert is described as an energetic fangirl obsessed with all-things pop culture who just so happens to develop telekinetic powers, which turn her into a superhero… Casual. Even better is that Faith is drawn as a plus-size woman, and while there’s nothing wrong with Wonder Woman’s slender physique per se, 67 per cent of women identify as plus-size. It’s time we get a super-protagonist that is a realistic representation of that.

“I’ve been hearing from women who are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who have been reading comics for decades who have never seen a woman on the cover of a comic that looks like them,” reveals Jody Houser, writer of the comic series. “And I think that makes people feel like they’re welcome, and that this medium is for them, when maybe they’ve always loved comics but they haven’t felt welcome before.” We think the same could be said about Hollywood.

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Could this be the pivotal moment for more body diversity and representation in modern media? While we don’t yet know the answer to that, we do have faith.

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