The rise of the female DJ

Recording artist, music producer, Grazia Girl Gang member, and fashion’s favourite DJ Miss Meg on how a new generation is changing the game
The rise of the female DJ
Miss Meg wears tracksuit by Blood Brother

If you’re ever on a dance floor at a fashion party in Dubai, chances are, you’ve got Miss Meg to thank. Brands including Burberry, Hermès, Tom Ford, and YSL Beauté have the London-born DJ on speed-dial thanks to her uplifting setlists and natural talent for getting the fash pack on their feet.

“I dress well and I play well,” she explains of her status as fashion’s favourite DJ. “I like clothes, and I like there to be an interplay between what I’m wearing and the event I’m DJing, so I pick a style that works for my show and my personality. There are a couple of really big-name DJs who really dress the part, and I feel it brings more to the show. With male DJs, that doesn’t happen. Guys just put on a T-shirt.”

Miss Meg counts herself among the new wave of female DJs mixing it up in the industry. She observes, “Female DJs are doing it in a totally different way. We create a whole brand. Most male DJs just DJ. We’re thinking of all of it – how we DJ, how we dress, how we communicate through our Instagram feeds. It’s a business and some of the top DJs have figured that out. Women are using the tools in a different way to men.”

Miss Meg, who “likes to keep the crowd guessing” with her sets, continues, “Another reason I get booked is I’m a DJ that really gets into my own music. All the big-name DJs are really emotionally attached to their sets. If you watch them play, they could be in the crowd as well as being the DJ. A lot of male DJs are very technical – there’s no dancing, and they take it very seriously. I feel that female DJs are more about creating a vibe rather than showing their technical skill. If you watch good female DJs, they engage the crowd so much better.”

She adds, “The female DJs of the world are smashing it, and not enough people know about them.” Until now. Meet the DJs whose mixes Miss Meg has on repeat…

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Music: Deep house and techno

Miss Meg says: “Lauren Lane takes her deep house and techno music odyssey all around the world, from Burning Man to BPM in Portugal. Known for  supporting fellow DJs, she’s become one of the favourite faces on the festival circuit.”

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Music: Dance/electronic

Miss Meg says: “The South Korea-born, Berlin-based producer has an amazing way of blending beats and keeping the dance floor moving with her own way of infusing 808 classics with thumping house tunes.”

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Music: Soul and disco

Miss Meg says: “Jayda G is the most energetic and vibrant DJ I’ve seen yet, enjoying every track she selects. There’s never a dull moment during her sets, and her knowledge of soul and soulful disco is so varied that you hear something new every time that she plays.”

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Music: Funk, disco, soul and grooves

Miss Meg says: Yasmin started her career at the age of 17 with her first single released by Ministry of Sound, and has become one of London’s favourite DJs. She continues to reinvent herself as a credible DJ with a show on community radio station Rinse FM between touring the world singing with Breakbot.”

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Photo: Reeti Sarkar