These were some of the most searched for scary movies of 2019

Popcorn at the ready
These were some of the most searched for scary movies of 2019

Halloween is fast approaching, and while some of us have made plans that involve leaving the house, some of us just want to cosy up with some candy and get in the spooky spirit with a good movie.

However, finding the right film can be rather time-consuming - we've all been there - and more often than not, by the time you find something to watch, you're ready for bed. 

Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you and made a round-up list of some of the most searched for scary movies of 2019. 

1. It: Chapter Two

It: Chapter Two is a reunion where the characters are now back 27 years later. Pennywise, the psychotic clown, is also back to give the now grown-up kids a horrifying welcome back to boot. Unlike the first movie where we were seeing kids run around, this time round, the grown-ups are doing the running which adds more realism to it.

2. Us

Usually the scariest movies are the ones that play mind-games with you and Us is one of those. It might start out as a normal thriller, but it goes over to being a disturbing mind-game movie with happenings popping up every few minutes. The movie is about a family that come in touch with their horrific doppelgangers and as the movie goes along, it becomes more and more disturbing with its themes.

3. Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle returns and in this chapter, the idea of demonic possessions continues, and with that comes haunted houses and extremely scary dolls. Having become an almost cult-like movie means you can’t go wrong with this one. Guaranteed to give you some scares.

4. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

In this movie, four women decide to explore a sunken Mexican city. While on their excursion, they encounter an army of blind, hungry sharks. Perfect for those who find deep-water scary, it’s also definite choice for those who like shark movies. 

5. Midsommar 

Imagine going on a trip and everything goes wrong and you regret it. In this flick, a group of friends decide to go to a festival in Sweden, deep inside the forest (if you know Sweden, you'll know spooky, obscure forests are plentiful there), but what is supposed to be a fun trip turns into a horrible and deadly weekend, and this movie will definitely give you a good scare.

6. Velvet Buzzsaw

This movie is about a feared art critic and gallery owner who discovers a collection of haunted paintings. A satirical thriller, it gives a dark and horror infused feeling to the idea that exploiting art can hurt you.

7. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Playing on the idea of childhood fears, this movie is about a collection of short horror stories where a group of friends go to investigate a haunted house during Halloween and find an old book that they bring back with them. The book then opens up a series of different horrific events. The result? A well-done and family-friendly yet creepy movie, that is beautifully put together.

8. Happy Death Day 2U

Horror sequels doesn’t always hit the spot, but this one heads in a completely different direction from the first one, Slasher Groundhog Day. With a science-fiction approach, this movie is for sure a good pick.

9. The Hole in the Ground

Here we’re following a single mother who struggles with settling into a new home, an ominous neighbour and a huge sinkhole in the woods behind her house. This one turns out to be a very satisfying horror movie once you’ve settled into it.

10. Crawl

Crawl is about a young woman and her dad who get trapped in a house during a Category 5 hurricane. The house gets flooded and is surrounded by hungry alligators so if you like bloody, nasty and suspense-building movies, this is the one for you.

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