What Will Nomi Wear?

Before you say it, we're not being sexist...
What Will Nomi Wear?

Well, isn't this is a welcome surprise! Lashana Lynch will be the first female AND black 007 marking a whole new era for the franchise. Casting Idris Elba would have been a big step into the 21st century for what was, let's face it, a relic. But the team behind Bond decided to go one step further and choose a new 007 who is not only black but also a woman.

As you probably know by now, the brilliant and beautiful Lashana Lynch had her breakout role in Marvel's Captain Marvel film where she stole the show as fearless, badass pilot Maria Rambeau. As of yesterday, she has been officially announced as th the next 007. For glaringly obvious reasons, it's a bold and surprising choice by the Bond franchise. Plus she's also not massively well known. In my opinion that makes her casting even more excitng, putting Lashana in a perfect position to take on the role without any preconceptions from viewers and really make it her own.

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Most importantly, the fact that the new 007 will be a black woman is a marker of change. Yes, one could be cynical and say it's simply Hollywood playing lip service in the era of #MeToo. And maybe to some degree it is. But ultimately seeing more women, and especially women of colour, in these kind of lead roles will have a hugely positive impact on the generation that grows up watching them. 

So why am I wondering what 007 Nomi will be wearing? Smidge reductive, no? Well, actually not in this case. What we wear, any of us, is a fundamental part of our identity; how we feel about ourselves, how we want to feel about ourselves, how we want to portray ourselves to the world. It sure as hell played a central role in the identity and image of "Bond, James Bond." As one charming Facebook commenter put it; "as much as they try, 007 will ALWAYS be a suave british guy in a suit" (suave was misspelled suav in the original comment, just FYI.

But archaic though this fellow may be, his words have some meaning. James Bond is one of the most iconic characters possibly ever, and a central part of his legacy, identity and eternal image stem from his signature style. How the new and (in my opinion) improved 007 will carve out her own is a challenge we at Grazia await with baited breath. Because clothes are not just clothes, as any Bond fan will tell you. 

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