When Megatronic met Peggy Gou

Ahead of her set at Oasis Festival in Marrakech, Grazia Girl Gang ambassador for music DJ Miss Meg meets Peggy Gou to talk music, muses, and making it in a male-dominated industry
When Megatronic met Peggy Gou

Megatronic: Growing up in London being the youngest child, I was always exposed to great music. My big sister took me to first rave in Camden Palace when I was 17 and I remember hearing the track You Used To Hold Me by Ralphi Rosario. This was the beginning of my love for house music. I was already in love with music but in one night a whole new genre was revealed to me, and that’s when I started collecting house records. What was the experience that led you to music?

Peggy: There hasn’t maybe been a single experience - music has always been part of my life, as my family was very musical too - I had an older brother who  plays classical piano, and my parents both played instruments. My first love taught me the basics of DJing in Korea in around 2009. It was when I was studying in London that music started to become my main passion and I eventually decided to move to Berlin to continue my education.

Megatronic: Where was your first DJ gig?

Peggy: It was in London in around 2011 but unfortunately I don’t remember where or when exactly.

Megatronic:  If you could only do listen to music in one format, what would it be?

Peggy: Probably vinyl.

Megatronic: What is your save-the-dance floor track?

Peggy: Some nice Detroit house by Jovonn usually works - but I have to say Itgehane is working pretty well too recently!

Grazia Girl Gang Ambassador for Music Megatronic meets Peggy Gou

Megatronic: So far in your career, what is your biggest milestone?

Peggy: I think on a musical level my Once EP earlier this year was a bit moment for me expressing myself as an artist.

Megatronic: Your remix of Jessie J is most definitely a crowd pleaser. Is there anyone else you would really love to remix or collaborate with, either dead or alive?

Peggy: Unfortunately he is no longer with us, but Phife Dawg - his voice is everything! And I’m a big fans of Chance the Rapper and James Blake.

Megatronic: Working in a very male-dominated world, have you experienced any difficult situations?
Peggy: Yes, there are still some people out there with very old fashioned attitudes, but I have learned that the best way to deal with it is just keep doing your thing and prove them wrong.

Megatronic: What has been the best piece of advice you've been given about the business?
Peggy: A friend once told me that to learn how tracks are built I should take a track that I loved and try and Peggy: make something similar. This was a great way to understand how music is put together and arranged.

Peggy Gou will be playing at Oasis Festival in Marrakech in September

Megatronic: What advice would give to someone starting out in this industry?

Peggy: Aim high but be aware of your limitations - knowing what you’re not good at and need to improve is as important as knowing your strengths.

Megatronic: Do you still have deal with requests?

Peggy: Not really anymore unless it’s one of my own tracks.

Megatronic:  Favourite city, favourite gig?

Peggy: I love playing in Italy - the crowds always have an amazing energy. I have also been impressed by how great the crowds are in Scandinavia. Glasgow, Dublin and Belfast are always great too. It’s hard to choose a favourite!

Megatronic:  What’s the most unusual thing a fan has said to you?

Peggy: It’s not unusual things that they say so much but I am always blown away by the funny stuff my fans do - showing up with Korean flags, giving me giraffe toys even waving their shoes in the air during sets! And recently I have seen fans coming up to me to show me the customised Peggy Gou T-shirts they have made!

Megatronic:  Where can we see you DJ next?

Peggy: Oasis Festival in Morocco plus lots of exciting gigs in the USA and Europe coming up too!

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Photo: Jungwook Mok