Yas queen! Grazia Girl Gang member Miss Meg's new single's just dropped and you can be the first to hear it!

Miss Meg has released a girl power anthem, and we're here for it
Yas queen! Grazia Girl Gang member Miss Meg's new single's just dropped and you can be the first to hear it!

Starring local hype bae Asma Al-Aloosi, in a video filmed in a selection of secret locations around the UAE by Dubai-based duo Nicole Mahakian and Aisha Abdullah, aka Mad Juice, there's no doubt that Grazia Girl Gang member Miss Meg has delivered on her promise to represent and celebrate the strong, fearless women in her life with latest song Queens. Fashion's favourite DJ has dropped the track under her artist name of Megatronic as a female empowerment anthem to inspire the next generation. Tell us more...

What is the message you're sending out with your latest single?
Firstly, I want you to feel like you want to dance, to feel free and to be inspired. If there's something in your life that’s bugging you, or you don’t feel confident, listening to a track like Queen can give you strength, power and help you go out and feel good about yourself. The lyrical content talks about ants, lions apes and snakes, and then says that I’m the queen of the jungle. I’m surrounded by things that are constantly trying to take me down but I’m the queen and I always have to keep reminding myself that. Every day is a constant battle of me rising against odds, and I think if you want to survive in this big wide world, you just have to be the strongest person in the jungle, in the pile or wherever you are you have to be the person who rises above everyone.

Why is now the right time to drop Queens?
In a world that’s forever changing, I feel that a song like this is needed for young girls to hear to enforce some empowerment and some encouragement and the way of thinking that we are invincible and that we live in a world where we all can be queens.

Why is bringing women together important to you?
I grew up in a very strong family of females. If something goes wrong, you always expect your mum to pick you up and like wipe away your tears and tell you, “You’re gonna be okay darling.”  I didn’t grow up with that type of mamma. I grew up with mamma that was strong and fearless and left her country in the time when the UK was an incredibly a tough place. My dad was around but she pretty much did it by herself. As I was growing up, I would judge other girls, or I would feel insecure of girls who are blonde and white and I think this is something that we need to get rid of. It's time to realise  that’s not the way forward and that we are all beautiful and we need to come together. We need to form an alliance because society brought us up to dislike each other based on how we look and to be honest, everybody’s beautiful, we are just beautiful in different ways  on the inside or the outside. Everyone can still be a queen in their own right.

Queens is available on iTunes. Download here

Photos: Mad Juice