Four Emirati women made the Forbes 'Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands' power list

Four Emirati women made the Forbes 'Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands' power list

Four Emirati women have been placed on Forbes' latest power list - for Women behind Middle Eastern Brands. The list of 60 women touched on high achievers in the region, including the four below. 

1. Ahlam Alshamsi

Rank 3

This Emirati singer is one of the region’s favourites and considered most talented. Ahlam’s successful career had her launch 13 albums and has worked with renowned labels in the region like Rotana. The singer landed a spot as a judge on Arab Idol back in 2011 and remained onscreen for four consecutive seasons, she now works as a vocal coach on another popular music show, The Voice.

2. Madiyah Al Sharqi

Rank 45

The daughter of the ruler of Fujairah has had a major role in representing the UAE on the fashion scene. Her label draws inspiration from minimalism but plays well with contrasting textures and colours, a balance that many aim to strike. Madiyah’s label gained international attention and grew her clientele to A-List Hollywood celebrities soon as we spotted Khloe Kardashian in a Madiyah dress during Diana Ross’ 75th birthday party.

3. Nayla Al Khaja

Rank 48

To be the first ever female producer in the UAE has helped Nayla Al Khaja pave the way for many young talents. She is the founder of Nayla Al Khaja films and has worked with luxurious brands such as Nike, Gucci and Mercedes-Benz, she also founded The Scene club back in 2007, which is the first ever film club in the UAE.

4. Hind Habib Al Mullah

Rank 57

Hind has been cooking since the age of 10 and launched her Home Bakery in 2011 with no culinary education or qualifications and figured it all out as she went about the bakery and currently runs one of our favourite cafés.