How Dubai's theme parks plan to keep you safe

As we welcome tourists from 7 July, Grazia's answers your the most important questions about preventative measures in public spaces
How Dubai's theme parks plan to keep you safe
2020's been quite the ride so far

Just in time to welcome tourists, Dubai has now reopened theme parks. Here are all your questions answered:

Do I need to purchase a ticket online?
No, you can just turn up. However, if you have online pre-paid tickets, annual passes or any other forms of electronic access, you will be given priority. You will also be given a wrist band at entrance, which will need to stay on at all times until the time of exit.

Are big groups allowed?
Yes - as long as there are ten people per group and they all pass the screening at entrance. Once you're inside the theme park, there should be a strict distance of two metres maintained between you and others. 

Do I need to wear a mask?
Yes. It is compulsory for all visitors to be wearing masks except for any people who suffer from respiratory issues or kids below the age of six. This applies to staff members, who will also be wearing both masks and gloves.

What safety measures are being taken?
Anyone who enters the theme park (including staff, guests and visitors) will under go a mandatory contactless screening. If your temperature is equal to 37.5˚C or higher, your entry will be prohibited. If there are any detected cases or symptoms such as: fever, cough, myalgia or fatigue, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea and nausea, headache, or loss of sense of smell or taste, official authorities are immediately notified. There is a complete sterilisation process before and after the park is opened, especially in mutually used areas such as control rooms, green rooms, admin offices, washrooms/changing rooms/lockers and parking facilities. While the opening hours are running there is also a supply of touch free sanitising dispensers.

Can I rent a stroller?
Yes. Both wheel chairs and strollers are allowed for renting and will be sanitised prior to every use. However, it is recommended that visitors bring in their own strollers/wheelchairs. 

Can I host an event for a special occasion at the park?
No. Due to the precautions being taken: social gatherings of any sort, group events, and parties are not allowed.

Can I pay in cash?
Yes. Although, cashless procedures are encouraged, cash payments are still allowed. 

Photo: Keiran White for Unsplash