6 things you need to know about the UAE's mission to Mars

The first Arab space mission to the red planet is prepared for take-off
6 things you need to know about the UAE's mission to Mars

The UAE has launched a space probe powered by the Mohammed Bin Rashed Space Centre, to reach the red planet. Its mission? According to  Programme Science Leader Sara Al-Amiri, the focus of the project is to explore the diminishing stores of hydrogen and oxygen from the planet. Sir Ian Blatchford, director of the UK's Science Museum Group also believes that the UAE's mission to Mars will provide the most comprehensive, holistic picture of Mars's climate to date.

Here are 6 things you didn't know about the mission:

1. This mission will be known to be UAE's second major journey into space, after already sending the first Emirati astronaut to the International Space Centre last year. 

2. It will take approximately seven months to travel the 308 million miles.  

3. The probe designed for this project is called "amal', which translates to "hope", and will be ready to take off from Tanegashima, a Japanese island on 14 July. 

4. Did you know experts estimated it may take upto 687 days, which is just under two years to complete the orbit. This is the actual equivalent to a whole Martian year!

5. The Hope probe is equipped with infrared spectrometers and an autonomous digital camera, all connected to acomplex onboard computer software.

6. The probe will land to Mars on 2 December 2021 to coincide with the UAE's 50th National Day. Worth double the celebration right?

The Hope probe being assembled by engineers 

Photo: Unsplash and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre