Get inspired to travel with TikTok

#TikTokTravel is what it's all about.
Get inspired to travel with TikTok
TikTok celebrates a new journey with TikTokTravel

Haven’t heard of TikTok? If the answer is no then you’re either not being totally honest or have spent the past few years living under a WiFi free rock. Chances are you have, as this app has been making major waves worldwide, including here in the UAE.

This month the popular app, TikTok, joined forces with Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to bring the #TikTokTravel campaign to the UAE.

The apps appeal lies in its potential to allow users to get creative, express their personalities and connect with others around the world. It empowers everyone to be a creator directly from their smartphone. This feature has helped TikTok become the world's leading destination for short-form mobile videos and amongst the top downloaded app in the world.

Over the summer the #TikTokTravel global campaign has been giving content creators a way to express themselves while travelling around the world, inspiring and allowing others to discover new destinations.

Over the course of the campaign, #TikTokTravel garnered a colossal 1 billion views globally and over 54 million views for the local #ThisIsDubai challenge, an exciting reflection of the passion locals and tourists alike have for the region.

Gita Ghaemmaghami, Regional Communications Director – MENA, , TikTok MENA, explained: “The #TikTokTravel campaign ran across 100 countries, with the aim to inspire creativity while encouraging millions of our users to capture the magical moments of their travels.
However, it was not merely about travel, it was about driving inclusivity and bringing to life the deeper meaning behind each destination. The remarkable success of the campaign is proof that we have achieved something positive; something that makes TikToklook at the world in a different light.”

In line with TikTok’s travel initiative, it has also partnered with The Dubai Mall, a favorite destination for tourists, to launch an in-app challenge celebrating the “Summer Surprise” shopping festival.  The partnership with The Dubai Mall was an enormous success involving an interactive booth showcasing the engaging features of the app, as well as giving the public an opportunity to meetsome of the most popular content creators on the platform.

And the fun isn’t over yet. Grazia invites YOU to get involved by sharing TikTok videos from your next destination.

Get creative, let your personality show and make sure to use the hashtags #tiktoktravel and #ThisIsDubai to connect with the TikTok community here in the UAE and worldwide.