How your next Careem ride can help those in Lebanon

Donate via the Careem app or grab a free ride on your way to give blood in Beirut
How your next Careem ride can help those in Lebanon

Careem has teamed up with Emirates Red Crescent in the UAE. Together, they have created a system where your in-app donations will provide relief packages to the vulnerable families of Beirut.

Using technology as the middle-man that maintains social-distancing, earlier this year Careem introduced a system that allows a seamless mechanism for donations. Donate via Careem's Super App, the app that eliminates contemporary logisitical limitations and unfastens passengers' hearts to aid those in pain.

It takes just a few simple steps:

1. Tap on "Reward Points" in the top right of the app.

2. In Careem Rewards, scroll down to "Donations" and choose "Contribute US$1 to Lebanon".

3. Tap on "Donate".

The Beirut Careem office was indeed part of the wreckage but, fortunately, the company's colleagues and captains were unharmed. Since the explosion, the car service has also been offering free ridees to those in Beirut wanting to donate blood at the hospitals.

General Manager of Careem UAE, Gheed El Makkaoui, expanded on the cause: "Emirates Red Crescent has been fast to get on ground and provide assistance to the families in need and we wish to offer support in whatever way we can. I would urge everyoe to donate wholeheartedly."

Photos: Unsplash by Rashid Khreiss