Looking for a wellness retreat with a difference?

Who says healthy has to be boring
Looking for a wellness retreat with a difference?

From yoga to bootcamps, wellness holidays have surged in popularity in recent years, and while they’ve traditionally taken a prescriptive approach, controlling every aspect of your day, a new wellness retreat platform is hoping to change all that.

“The demand for retreats is hugely on the rise and is also needed in todays world, however, I don’t believe there is a one size fits all and it can often be challenging to find exactly what you are looking for,” Retreatmi founder Stacey Elizabeth Sharp shares.

“I wanted to create one easy place for everyone to go, an affordable and easy to navigate place to go and find the wellness vacation of your dreams. I also wanted to make it as affordable for the local smaller individual businesses so they can thrive in an industry that is much needed by the general public."

Retreatmi.com takes a mix and match approach, and allows you to tailor your holiday to your needs. This could be a high octane action-packed schedule of events or a couple of gentle activities sprinkled into days spent mainly lounging by the pool.

And what makes it really great is that you can book your accommodation, activities and trainers from the one spot.

“We live in a non-stop fast paced world where everyone is overstimulated at present, subconsciously receiving over one billion bits of data daily, we are in sensory overdrive, hence the huge spike in mental health issues such as anxiety,” the qualified STOTT Pilates teacher and nutritionist adds.

“We are becoming more and more aware that not only physically do we need to look after ourselves but mentally. People are exhausted and want to come back from a vacation feeling like they have done something positive for body and mind as with today's lifestyle on a daily basis this is often challenging.”

Her top tip for someone who wants to book their first wellness holiday but doesn’t know where to start? “Really honestly do what you enjoy!”

And you can’t really argue with that.

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