New fines announced for COVID-19 infractions in UAE

Violators will face fines up to Dhs100,000, a maximum six months and will be published in media outlets
New fines announced for COVID-19 infractions in UAE

The UAE authorities placed stricter penalties for violations of COVID-19 safety measures as the number of infections rose on Monday.

A maximum penalty of six months in jail and/or a minimum of Dhs100,000 fine will be imposed on offenders - as announced by Salem Al Zaabi, Acting Chief Prosecutor of the Emergencies and Disasters Prosecution in the federal public prosecution during a virtual press briefing held by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP). 

The violators' names and photos "will be published in media, as directed by UAE prosecutor", shared the UAE Government Communication Office on Twitter. 

Those violating home quarantine rules, or the quarantine restrictions at the official health facilities for COVID-19 suspected and confirmed cases will be fined Dhs50,000.

Al Zaabi also pointed out, "Anyone who does not install or register in the COVID-19 tracing app on purpose and anyone who causes damage to the electronic bracelet or causes its malfunction, shall pay a Dh10,000 fine with the repair costs."

Those who publish or disclose information related to COVID-19 patients shall pay a fine of Dhs20,000, disclosed the Acting Chief Prosecutor.

Centres or facilities not installing thermal cameras will also be fined Dhs20,000 - for the individual in charge.

Furthermore, a Dhs30,000 fine will be put in place for organising private tuition, even if for free and the person who hosts these lessons will receive a fine of Dhs20,000.

In addition, Al Zaabi stated that organising a gathering will impose a fine of Dhs10,000 and participators in the gathering will have to pay a Dhs5,000 fine.

Refusing to be tested for COVID-19 will also incur a fine of Dhs5,000.  If you violate movement restrictions during  the national disinfection campaign from 8pm to 6am, for non-urgent reasons, such as buying grocieries, including food and medicines or for medical emergencies - a fine of Dhs3,000 will be imposed.

Find the list of violations and fines below:

For individuals, families, communities
- Hosting gatherings and inviting people over: Dhs10,000
- Attending a gathering as a guest: Dhs5,000
- Having more than three passengers in a vehicle: Dhs3,000
- Violating restrictions during sterilisation period: Dhs3,000
- Private tutors violating rules: Dhs30,000 (and Dhs20,000 for whoever hosts the tutor)
- Failure to maintain social distancing at work or other places like shops and restaurants: Dhs3,000 per person involved, Dhs5,000 for institutions

At the workplace
- Not wearing masks at work, offices: Dhs5,000 for the company, Dhs500 for the employee
- Exceeding the 30 per cent limit on work force in the office: Dhs3,000

COVID-19 screenings
- Failure to comply with home quarantine rules: Dhs50,000
- Failure to download the smart app for tracking and failure to carry smartphones (for those who tested positive for COVID): Dhs10,000
- Tampering with the tracking device or app installed by authorities: Dhs20,000
- Refusing to do a COVID test: Dhs5,000
- Refusing to redo the test after two weeks: Dhs1,000

For businesses
- Opening educational facilities, clubs, gyms, cinemas, parks, pools, or receiving guests: Dhs50,000
- Entities operating without a thermal camera and non-compliance with measures stipulated by the government: Dhs20,000
- Shops that operate beyond permitted times: Dhs5,000

Photo: Luke Van Zyl for Unsplash