Everything you missed at last night’s Female First Session

Warning: FOMO may ensue...
Everything you missed at last night’s Female First Session

We all want to be part of something important, and to feel like we’re making a difference. Last night was one of those nights, when at Dubai hot spot Barbary the second season of Female First sessions took place. 

For the uninitiated, Female First Sessions is a platform created by women, for women, to support and uplift the diverse females in the UAE by showcasing their talent through multiple creative mediums. These monthly events feature a variety of industry professionals from all walks of life as they use this platform to share their thoughts and opinions freely with the other attendees.

Led by our very own Grazia Girl Gang Ambassador for Music, Miss Meg - aka @megatronicuk - she and three of her friends, Natalie Lines, Liz Wentling and Nour Zaghoul, each bring their own flair to the mix.

Last night’s session featured guest speaker Rana Nawas – Senior Vice President at GE Capital and Chapter President of Ellevate, a global organisation that brings professional women together. By providing a community for industry professionals to lean on and learn from, Rana’s company helps to close the gender gap, making her the perfect key note speaker for this month’s instalment, centred on the topic of empowerment.

“Rana has recently launched the When Women Win Podcast which brings female professionals everywhere tools and strategies that boss ladies from all walks of life have used along their journey” FFS tells Grazia when asked about this month’s speaker.

And with any great party comes great entertainment!

Debuting the work of visual artist Obra which was displayed on the backdrop of the venue, there was also a live painting performance by artist Tarsila Schubert and a sneaker customization stand by @waxfeller

Supporting the event was Puma with their #DOYOU campaign, which aims to show that there is no 'right' way to be a woman. 

Warming our hearts with her beautifully worded poetry was Karen Candelario @ka.cndlr as she exhibited strength reciting a very raw performance. Shortly after the amazingly talented Sarah Shebani @shebanimusic performed a solo set that blew us away with her smooth and soothing voice.

photo: @shebanimusic

Ending the night off on a lighter note were @djpatchoulee and @megatronicuk as they hit the decks and transformed the evening into a full-blown dance party.

visuals: @mad__juice

All we know is this is an event that can’t be missed, so count us in for next month!

For more details visit their site at www.femalefirstsessions.com and follow them on Instagram @femalefirstsessions

Photos: Instagram