Here's the most happening hub this Ramadan

Diaries at the ready; Ramadan at Alserkal Avenue is sure to hit you right in the festive feels
Here's the most happening hub this Ramadan

In the spirit of giving and mindfulness this month, Alserkal Avenue is bringing us a huge range of events and activities sure to get you into the festive buzz. Here are a few favourites...

13 May - 15 June: Nadi Al Quoz Pop-Ups

Nadi Al Quoz will be taken over by homegrown boutiques and brands bringing us the true essence of Middle Eastern ingenuity. Those involved include Origins Collective, Ashante and Emaan Home to name a few. Not to mention we’ll finally be able to channel our inner nomads with Vice Jewellery’s timeless pieces from around the world. The pop-ups will be open a grand total of 13 hours a day from 10am to 11pm, just incase you’re not feeling ready for that post-Iftar rush hour.

18 May - 15 June: Blast Catering At Lawrie Shabibi Warehouse 21 | 7-10PM

Ready for a Futoor from the future? Taking place alongside the Each Day an Artist exhibition, Lawrie Shabibi has partnered up with Blast Catering to bring us an artful Iftar experience inspired by Ramadan traditions from the Levant.

19 May - 13 June: Open Tent By CHI-KA Warehouse 46 | 7-10PM

Instastories at the ready! Swiss-born chef Michael Fessler creates a culinary concept with art space CHI-KA that blends the intricacies of Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisine for Iftar. Also of note: the subsequent tea and boardgame session at Kava + Chai Coffee House; a great escape from after-Iftar food-coma board-om. Sorry. Email to book.

4 June: Gulf Photo Plus Warehouse 36: Creative DIY Lighting Workshop

If the above isn’t quite enough of a photo op for you, Gulf Photo Plus are offering the perfect DIY lighting workshop to get your selfie sessions looking almost editorial. The workshop gives us a moment to get creative using alternative lighting (think desk lamps and projectors) combined with - gulp - glow in the dark paints. Wave goodbye to trying to catch those 12-odd minutes of acceptable selfie sunlight whilst precariously balancing on the edge of a windowsill.

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Red Paw Foundation Adoption Days: Warehouse 82

Possibly the most exciting event yet, in partnership with Alserkal Avenue, the Red Paw Foundation sets up every Wednesday from 7-11pm up until Eid to help our furry friends find new homes, in this paws-itively adorable Alserkal Late.

In conclusion: don't ever let anyone tell you Ramadan is quiet.

Photos: Supplied and Instagram