5 cafes in Dubai that celebrate Arabic heritage

The Karak addiction is real
5 cafes in Dubai that celebrate Arabic heritage

We're lucky enough to be living in a city that’s so culturally diverse that you can find just about any cuisine here without even trying. Having said that, it's always good to be able to celebrate the culture and traditions of this place we call home. Here are the best authentically Arabic haute spots in town...

Arabian Tea House, Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai

Situated in the heart of Dubai’s historic Al Fahidi district, this authentic little spot takes you on a journey back in time as you leave all the chaos and traffic of Dubai behind and enter a beautiful courtyard sheltered under trees. Offering a combination of Emirati and Lebanese cuisine, and, of course, tea, this spot needs to be on your radar.

Treej Café, La Mer

By taking tradition and adding a modern twist, this fusion café offers the perfect blend of old vs new with its lively atmosphere and offbeat menu items. With dishes like the Emirati Burrito or the Fouga Salmon - a traditional biryani style dish - this venue lives up to its slogan: “Emirati and beyond”. 

Karak and Rigag, Umm Suqeim

We all know karak is a staple in the UAE, so why not name a café after it? Well, these guys got it right. This budget-friendly space serves up favourites like Regag - which you can enjoy plain or with fillings such as fish sauce or cheese. For more of a sweet note, try the Luqaimat; deep-fried dough balls drizzled in syrup. Yum.

Seven Sands, The Beach, JBR

Named after the seven Emirates, this café embodies patriotism and pride to a T. With classics like Thareed, a traditional Bedouin stew, and Harees, wheat and veal, Seven Sands represents a blend of ethnic flavours and inspirations.

Logma, Boxpark, Al Wasl Road 

Logma - Arabic for mouthful - is invitation enough to head out and try this joint. With a variety of both sweet and savoury dishes to enjoy, there's something for everyone. Some favourites include Chebab, otherwise known as Emirati pancakes served with cream cheese and date syrup, and the Luqaimat.

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