6 ways your next meal could help victims of the Beirut blast

Here's how you can support both local businesses and those affected by the events in Lebanon
6 ways your next meal could help victims of the Beirut blast

In the aftermath of the devastating explosion in Beirut on 4 August, many food outlets and eateries in the Middle East, and around the world, are doing their part to raise money for those struggling in Lebanon. By using their services and ordering their food you not only support their efforts to fundraise for various charities but you also support local businesses, which is as important as ever. 

Here is Grazia's guide to eating in Dubai to aid Lebanon:

Kibsons, Dubai

Kibsons have pledged to donate 5 per cent of their all Home Delivery sales between 11 and 14 August to Red Cross Lebanon. They extend their condolences to those suffering in Lebanon, explaining, "Kibsons cannot lift the rubbles or lay the new bricks from afar but they can lend their financial support to the teams on the ground that are making a difference everyday."

Just Crackers, Dubai

This artisan-sourdough-crackers seller has committed to donating 100 per cent of proceeds from sales until the 12 August to Lebanese Red Cross, Impact Lebanon and Beitelbaraka, charites working on the ground to provide crisis relief.

Gates Hospitality, Dubai

Gates Hospitality will be hosting two charity dinners to raise money for Lebanese Red Cross. The first, to take place on Tuesday 18 August, will be at Reform Social & Grill, with food lovingly put together by chefs, Rita Soueidan, Bethany Kehdy, Ruby Chaer, Mohamad Orfali and Greg Malouf. The following evening, these local chefs will cook up another Lebanese-inspired storm, this time at Publique.

Food Sheikh All Stars, Dubai

The Food Sheikh All Stars, run by the anonymous self-named "Food Sheikh", delivers meals by celebrated Dubai-based chefs, straight to your door. It has committed to a fixed monthly donation to UNICEF for the next six months.

Pistachoux, Dubai

Pistachoux has promised to donate 20% of revenue received from sales to Impact Lebanon until the end of the week, so get ordering their delicious pastries!

Talabat, Dubai

Talabat has launched Lunch for Lebanon where 100 per cent of profits from sales made between 12pm and 4pm on Wednesday 12 August will be donated to funding relief in Lebanon.

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