Calling all vegans! Feed your body and soul in this new cafe

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Calling all vegans! Feed your body and soul in this new cafe

Plant-based diets are all the rage now and if there was ever a time to try out veganism, it’s now. Soul Santé, a new vegan based café just opened its doors in the heart of Dubai Marina that offers a wide selection of freshly made wholesome, healthy and equally as delicious plant based dishes that are calorie counted and free from all the artificial harmful nasties.

The founder Manisha Advani wanted to get rid of the stigma that vegan dishes do not contain enough protein for the body and will leave you with a rumbling stomach which is why she curated the perfect menu made with deliciously filling nutritional plant based proteins such as nuts, lentils, legumes, nuts and more which are both good for your body and soul.

Along with those the café keeps your dietary restrictions in check with avoiding soy, sugar, gluten, carbs and providing keto-friendly meals so you can live your fit and healthy Instagram model dream.

eggless omlette

With a wide variety of mouth-watering hearty dishes including grilled peach salad, pulled jackfruit tacos, their very own signature eggless omelettes and their endless variety of healthy deserts, the café has something for everyone.


Soul Santé is a great spot to meet up with your friends over a quick bite (or two) or catch up with your work in a cosy and relaxing atmosphere (with great WiFi obvs).

The cafe is open daily from 8am – 10pm, located in Jannah Place, Dubai Marina. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more info.

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