The Stay-Safe Supper Club: Indochine

In this new series, Grazia puts the socially distanced dining experience and safety measures of the UAE’s top restaurants under the microscope, and celebrates those who passed our grilling…
The Stay-Safe Supper Club: Indochine

When you think of Indochine, you think: cool, edgy and ahead of the game. Well, when it comes to safety, they’ve followed the exact same mantra.

After the usual temperature checks and sanitiser on entry we’re lead through the stunning Vietnamese-inspired decor to our table by staff wearing custom-made black face masks, with an understated embroidery that instantly makes you want to join their club.

The bigger seating areas have been cleverly divided by a barely-there perspex and the hand sanitiser on each table comes in the most opulent decanter we’ve seen. So far, so safe. 

Then comes a showcase of next-level attention to detail: the cutlery is brought over on a tray under an ultra-violet light, one that would show up any particles present on any of the tableware. And this process is carried out every time the cutlery is changed between courses and definitely adds a sense of comfort to the whole experience.

 Amok Cambodgien (steamed sea bream in banana leaf), Sea Bream Carpaccio, Escargots, Vegetable Summer Rolls, Hanoi Crispy Chicken (with lemongrass chili paste)

Onto the food, and it doesn’t disappoint, especially if you like mind-blowing flavours: tangy sea bream carpaccio, the obligatory escargots smothered in garlic and herb butter and intricate vegetable summer rolls for starters, followed by Hanoi crispy chicken where you can add your own quantity of ginger, lemongrass paste and spices as you go, and steamed sea bream in banana leaf with coconut lemongrass custard for mains.

But make sure to leave space for dessert, because every option looks like a winner. After much discussion, we opted for the magnificent passionfruit tart, don’t be misled by the name as this is a huge dessert served with a delicious mango sorbet, we also ordered the honeycomb and chocolate ganache, served with caramelised hazelnuts, mango coulis and a five-spice banana ice cream which is worthy of being a dessert in it’s own right.

The atmosphere at Indochine is much of its charm and the mix of R'n'B and Motown classics being played kept us as entertained as the beautifully prepared dishes.

  • For more information, call (+971) 04 208 9333 or visit indochinedxb.comFind Indochine at DIFC Gate Precinct Building 3, Level 2 - Dubai

Photos: Instagram and supplied