This new Abu Dhabi beach lounge is all about mindfulness and holistic living

One matcha green tea with a side of meditation, please
This new Abu Dhabi beach lounge is all about mindfulness and holistic living
Photo: @shalaabudhabi

Forget sipping mouldy wellness drinks you found on Pinterest; this new Abu Dhabi beach lounge will have you in tip-top mental and physical condition with just one visit.

The newly opened Shala beach lounge is a Bohemian concept which gets its name from the word 'home' in Sanskrit. Its mission?  To combat rising cholesterol and cortisol levels.

Visitors can check footwear, stress and anxiety at the front door as they are greeted with a special ritual by the Shala team.

Expect sunsets, water views, dream catchers and lots and lots of healthy menu options including vegan tartare, smashed avocado with banana chips, and roasted cauliflower with labneh.

“We wanted to create a place where people can feel like they’re connected to themselves and in the moment,” says Doris Hecht, general manager, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas. “We realised that we’re blessed to have a beautiful location on Saadiyat Island, with views of the beach and the water, and wanted to create a space where guests can meet new people, feel relaxed and just be themselves.”

While we love a good dinner with a view, wellness isn't just about eating (or drinking) your vegetables. To help us embrace mindfulness and spirituality, Shala also offers wellness sessions including yoga classes, meditation exercises and self-care workshops coordinated by professionals in the health and wellness industry.

“The idea is that it’s a place you can come with friends – some might want to hang out in the lounge, while others can try out some of the experiences. You no longer have to disrupt your life to have a self-care moment,” says Hecht. Amen to that.

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