Waste not, want not: Meet the sustainable restaurant making a difference

A clever way to take care of Mother Nature
Waste not, want not: Meet the sustainable restaurant making a difference

With Dubai’s impressive brunch buffets, authentic cuisine, and impressive line-up of fine-dining restaurants, it’s truly a foodie’s haven. Running out of food options in the city is quite unheard of- there’s a restaurant for every mood, wherever you go. But all of this crazy food trips comes with a price: food waste.

It’s something not a lot of people are talking about –or are aware of, which is a shame because more often than not, we unconsciously leave our plates half-eaten, unaware of what really happens behind the scenes.

To put this situation into perspective, the country produces about two million tonnes of food waste each year, that’s about 197 kilograms per resident.

But luckily, change is here and Lowe Dubai is leading the charge.

Newly opened in March of this year, the restaurant was established by culinary duo Jesse Blake and Kate Christou who came up with the idea of cooking naturally on an open fire sat in an open-plan kitchen.

According to The National, Blake and Christou started the ‘Waste Not’ menu as a way to challenge themselves in the kitchen, while simultaneously helping the environment.

Everything about the experience takes sustainability into account with a recycled menu, handwritten on the back of an old Lowe breakfast list.

The Waste Not menu is a seven-course feast that includes innovative dishes like; crispy potato skins and sour cream, shaved foie gras toast, braised lettuce risotto, as well as desserts. All for just Dhs99.

The next Waste Not event will be held on Tuesday, 3 September.

  • For more information, contact +97143201890 or email hello@lowe.ae.