Welcome to the Hotel Cartagena

Such a lovely place… and it’s opening in Dubai this April
Welcome to the Hotel Cartagena
Put a flamingo on anything and we're sold

Call us suckers, but any hint of a heady, '50s-tinged drinking den heavy with far-flung exoticism and we immediately sit bolt upright and reach for our dancing shoes and Carmen Miranda-style fruit hat. 

Coconut Sweets at Hotel Cartagena Dubai Restaurant

Well not really, but the sentiment's there, which is exactly why we're practically jigging up and down with excitement at the announcement of the opening of Hotel Cartagena, "Dubai’s only bohemian lifestyle destination, where the food is as deliciously eclectic and seductive as the ambiance." Quite the promise, eh?

Naughtiness this way

Located on the 72nd floor of Tower B at the JW Marriott Marquis in Business Bay, the folk behind it (one of whom is the - we assume fictitious but, hey, you never know - 'protagonist', Mrs Buendia) promise an "eclectic bohemian paradise [that] is a shrine to all those who have lived, loved and dined within its four walls." Blimey. 

"I inherited this paradise from my father in the 1950's and since then I have collected stories, letters and trinkets left behind by all the gorgeous guests who have passed through the doors of Hotel Cartagena," Mrs B told us. "I can’t wait to swing my doors open and welcome you into my world, darlings." We've got a feeling it's going to be a new fave...

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