Why we're shouting about this women's empowerment panel

Ladies, it’s time to get loud on topics that matter
Why we're shouting about this women's empowerment panel
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Grazia is proud to introduce Don't Touch My Voice - the first ever installment of a women's empowerment panel. 

Taking place on Monday 17 September at super cool venue Miss Lily's, the segment will focus on discussing cultural and social taboos and welcomes both ladies and gents to sit in the audience. 

Omani photographer and DJ Fatma (Tumi) Al Bakry - aka @novemberus - and her pal Rasha Attyeh, have curated the panel and hope the event will inspire influencers to use their voices and platforms for the greater good of society by discussing social stigmas.

“There are more important things than fashion. You need to start using your platform for the greater good so you can help people’s lives and not just their wardrobes” Fatma tells Grazia when questioned about the growing trend of influencers in the Middle East. 

By providing an open and unfiltered dialogue between influencers and their audience, the event will be used as a way to shed a light and educate people and will be followed by an after party with sounds by @s.o.n.y.a.official and @novemberus from 8:30pm. 

The four aspirational panellists selected for the first installment each have their own experiences and insecurities to share as creative females in the Middle East. 

Meet the Panellists:

Best known for her fitness account, Nelita promotes healthy living through body positivity, strength and empowerment.  

Shukriya is all about speaking her mind while staying true to herself. She uses her platform to connect with people by reaching out to those who need to talk. This is ultimately the goal of this panel – to bridge the gap between audience and platform. 

Sarah is an RnB singer producing material that is nothing short of raw and honest. After recently opening up about her Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), she uses her platform to let other women know they are not alone.

The brains of this whole operation, Tumi has broken free from many social constrictions directed her way. Using her platform to inspire others, she is a true role model for girls to follow their dreams and do what they love.

RSVP here or call (+971) 4 356 2900‬ to secure a seat. See you there.

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