Yalla, habib-tea! Here's the cutest place for a cuppa in town

Let the competitive Instagramming commence...
Yalla, habib-tea! Here's the cutest place for a cuppa in town

A wise man once said, "Where there's tea, there's hope." A wise woman took that advice and made her way to Dubai's newest - and dare we say, most Instagrammable - new cafe, to put those words into practice. 

Get ready for Tania's Teahouse, the just-opened pink palace located on Jumeirah Beach Road, to take over the feeds of you, me, and everyone we know in Dubai for the forseeable future. Why? We're so glad you asked...

Doused in millennial pink, serving everything with a side-wink (Don't Chai This at Home got a lol from Grazia), the picture-perfect teas, coffees and bites include Mermaid Toast, Anti-Anxie-Tea, Let's Taco 'Bout It Salad, Paleo Guac Toast and Gucci lattes. Yes, we know what you're thinking. It's a great time to be alive.

Quite literally the only time we'll be happy to see a mouse on our breakfast

Aside from being the newest place to aggressively instagram avo toast from, we love that founder Tania Lodi has embraced the idea that tea houses can also be hubs from which to promote creativity - or Creativi-Tea, as she puts it. See what she did there?

Millennial pink + succulents + rose-gold accents = #interiorsinspo starter pack

Aside from a gift shop selling pun-tastic tea-themed stationery (always a winner), Tania has turned the upstairs into a space for pop-up events, shops, birthday parties, baby showers and the like.

You'll no doubt find us there next weekend, over-caffeinated and getting a bit too competitive with the board games.