This is why your Insta feed has turned into the '90s

Thanks to one viral app, social media has turned seriously retro. We're feeling it
This is why your Insta feed has turned into the '90s
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Lately we’ve noticed something happening on our social media feeds, and we imagine we’re not alone. Bright, filtered photos have been replaced with images that have a dusty quality and quite frankly haven't been seen since the days of disposable cameras

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But did your friends really go to the trouble of using an actual disposable camera, developing the film then scanning and uploading to Instagram? Nope. Like everything these days, there's an app for that.

And it's called Huji Cam. It takes photos and auto-applies a single filter to replicate a throwaway camera and "make your moments as precious as the feelings of analogue film with old memories." 

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On closer inspection of the grainy and washed-out images, there are also light streaks and a 1998 date stamp. Why this year? Who knows, but it was a great one: the Spice Girls were on a world tour, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? first aired and Cher released Believe. Ooh, we’re feeling all nostalgic.

So there you have it: retro-cool quality which is free to download from the App store. We’ll take a '90s #throwback over FaceTune any day, TBH

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