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Donatella says relax: Versace Home is set to get bigger and better for 2021
If you need us, we'll be on a one-way flight to Milan visiting Versace Home's newest showroom
The UAE approves emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine for frontline workers
After successful clinical trials in Abu Dhabi, the UAE Health Minister approves emergency use vaccine for healthcare professionals
Discounted COVID-19 tests are now available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Both cities have reduced the price of the COVID-19 test to encourage residents to get checked
Dubai Police issued 141 fines to Covid-19 rule-breakers in Dubai’s malls
Dubai Police is patrolling malls for violators due to a surge in cases this month
No bills, bills, bills: Why moving into a hotel is becoming the new norm for residents
More and more UAE residents are saying no to renewing their leases and moving into hotels with long-stay offers, opting for flexibility and fine furnishings over security cheques and up-front payments, Zabeel House by Jumeirah, The Greens offers that suite life…
8 creative storage solutions inspired by The Home Edit
To celebrate the release of Netflix’s Get Organized with The Home Edit, Grazia has rounded up some of our favourite space-saving ideas
Expatriates can now retire in Dubai
Spend your golden years in The City of Gold
Work Wisdom: What does out of office even mean in 2020?
Grazia explores the Do-s and Don't-s of the OOO phenomenon
Work Wisdom: What kind of legal protection do employees have against salary cuts and redundancy in the UAE?
Are you having a coronavirus career crisis? In this compelling new series, Grazia quizzes the region's experts in recruitment, business, personal branding, law, finance and more to help you navigate your next move in your professional life


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