A mama less ordinary: Should babies be allowed at weddings?

In a series of columns for Grazia, Fashion Director and Writer Jade Chilton documents her new life as a mum, minus the mumsy. This week, Jade explains why she still stands by the notion of saying no to babies at weddings
A mama less ordinary: Should babies be allowed at weddings?
Princess Charlotte's baby bro was conspicuous in his absence at the royal nuptials

Even if, like me, you missed the royal wedding (yes, yes I know, I double booked, blame the lack of sleep) you’ve still no doubt been unable to escape the overwhelming outpouring of royal love all over, well, everything.

It may have caught your attention that there was one key guest missing from the wedding party - and I’m not talking about Meghan’s dad. Another guest whose invitation seems to have got lost in the post was Prince Louis of Cambridge, aka William and Kate's baby boy who was born just three weeks prior to Meghan’s and Harry’s nuptials. I’m gathering the reason behind Louis’ no-show was less about him being otherwise engaged and more about his parents avoiding the inevitable newborn screaming that is likely to have ensued during the ceremony. That and him potentially upstaging the bride.

Which brings me to the question: should babies be invited to weddings?

There are several ingredients to creating an epic wedding: live music, an abundance of delicious food and a beautiful assortment of loved ones. And in my opinion, babies should not be included in that mix. There should be no baby rudely interrupting as the couple are pronounced married, no frazzled parent frantically dabbing spit-up off of her Self-Portrait dress, and no unsightly plastic four-wheel vehicles blocking the aisle. For me, weddings are an adult-only occasion.

When my husband and I got hitched, we put a polite ban on guests’ children. We love their little munchkins but this time the day was about us, not them. Unfortunately, this is not something that baby can fathom as it’s always been about them - and rightly so. But not on my wedding day, thank you.

Several of our friends have offspring, and surprisingly all but one couple couldn’t attend because of the lack of a babysitter. This was the parents’ golden opportunity to let their guard down, throw some shapes and enjoy a blissful child-free weekend. No conversations punctuated with baby cries, no looking over friends’ shoulders to check if their newborn has woken prematurely from their nap. Even better, a chance to dance or, in our case, an opportunity for one dad to perform the first three verses of Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang to the entire wedding party. Something we can absolutely imagine Prince William had a crack at, too.

So the question is, now, as a new mum who can’t bear to take her eyes off her own little cherub, would I be offended if I was asked by the bride and groom to leave her at home? Absolutely not, as long as my breast pump was working and I had my phone charger with me.

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