33 measures your gym should be taking to keep you safe

33 measures your gym should be taking to keep you safe

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge and social distance 

According to the Health and Safety Department, establishments are requires to follow the 33 reopening precautionary measures for fitness centres guidelines. 

1. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection during re-opening phase by focusing on the following:
• Cash counters and POS machines
• Doors and stairs handle
• All tools/material/equipment
• Hand wash sinks
• Personal hygiene
• AC and TV remote control
• Washrooms

2. All clients to be served upon an appointment only prior the visit

3. Measuring temperature of staff regularly and clients before entering. If client temperature exceeds 37.5 Celsius, he/she should be prohibited to enter the facility

4. Staff and clients should wear a mask and not allowing clients to enter unless they're wearing one

5. Clients must wear a face mask at all times and while engaged in light or moderate physical activity but can be lowered/removed while engaged in strenuous physical exercise

6. Waiting area to be closed permanently

7. Children below 12 years and elderly above 60 years are not allowed enter the facility

8. Physical distance must be considered, 2m distance between people and 50% occupancy should be maintained for both staff and clients. (Maximum 1 person per 4 sqm) 

9. 2m distance should be maintained between each machine، either by removing some machines or covering it or putting sign not use.

10. Set necessary visible markers for implementing and maintaining physical distancing (2m) and determining the elevator rules by individual usage only. (30% capacity maintained per elevator)

11. Use barriers/partitions to separate exercise areas and to separate help  desk staff and clients

12. Extra equipment from training floor should be removed to minimise cleaning surfaces that includes (mats, foam rollers, yoga blocks from gym/studio floor).

13. Bathing area, changing room, sauna, steam, Jacuzzi and swimming pools to be closed

14. No massage services 

15. No tournaments or events 

16. Performing a thorough cleaning and disinfection process after working hours and after each use.

17. Outdoor training area should be cleaned and sanitised that includes: fields, pitches, tracks, courts before and after training

18. Ensure availability of hand sanitiser in all areas to be used by staff and clients, in addition to washing their hands with soap and water 

19. Mandatory to provide material to wipe/disinfect equipment before and after use of equipment

20. Medical waste containesr should be provided to dispose the used masks and gloves

21. Clients should bring their own equipment and tools (yoga mat, towels, cloth etc).

22. Equipment to be used by clients after cleaning and disinfection, if clients could not bring their own (cleaning anddisinfection should be done before and after each client)

23. Common used items much as medicine balls, dumb bells  to be used only on strict calendarisation basis. Nope. We have no idea what this means either

24. One personal trainer allowed with maximum two trainees only with a minimum 2.5m distance to be maintained

25. Group classes/sessions in studios are allowed, with the condition of maintaining 2.5m distance between each trainee

26. All newspapers, magazines and water dispenser to be removed

27. F&B outlets are allowed to operate adhering with Precautionary Measures for Food Establishments.

28. Document all cleaning and disinfection operations including list of used disinfectants.

29. Exhaust fan to be maintained and checking indoor air quality and maintaining humidity from 40 per cent to 60 per cent

30. Promote smart payment solutions such as cards, online and other related means.

31. Commitment to the announced working hours for the operation

32. Fitness center should be disinfected by companies approved by Dubai Municipality before opening

33. Identify the isolation area for emergency use and train the employees the response procedures

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