7 ways to prepare for home quarantine

We are all responsible
7 ways to prepare for home quarantine

As restrictions ease, those travelling are advised to home quarantine to ensure the safety of their community. 

• Let your friends and family who do not live with you, know how they can help you during this period such as sending meals or supplies.

• Anticipate your home quarantine to last for at least seven to 14 days.

• Have a provision of disposables tissues, hand sanitiser, face masks, antibacterial wipes and latex gloves.

• Try to have a two-week supply in your pantry of non-perishable food.

• Have a thermometer to check your temperature if needed and a paracetamol to reduce fever.

• Be sure you have enough prescription and non-prescription medication for at least a few weeks.

• Download and register for the Alhosn app to begin contact tracing.

Be safe Grazia girls!

Photo: Volodymyr Hryshchenko for Unsplash