Does drinking lemon water actually have health benefits?

Tell me lies.. tell me sweet little lies
Does drinking lemon water actually have health benefits?

Drinking water with lemon as soon as you wake up is an increasingly widespread habit and is even popular amongst celebrities such as Beyoncé and wellness-queen Gwyneth Paltrow. Legends (a.k.a wellness Instagram accounts) claim it has multiple life-changing benefits, making us feel like we should be drinking litres of the magical elixer on the daily. But is it just a hoax? 

Here's a tall glass of truth:

It does rid your body of impurities... but it's not the only solution

Simply put, water makes you need to, you know... go, a whole lot more. Meaning that waste substances and excess toxins don't stick around longer than they should, leading to less water retention overall. So in all honesty you could just drink plain old water, but, if swelling is an all-too familiar (and disliked) friend of yours, then lemon could be your new go-to. Lemon grants lots of vitamin C and, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes circulation and helps fight swelling. 

It's great for women on-the-go, but it shouldn't be all you're drinking

Lemon water is said to keep you energised while on the go by keeping hunger pangs at bay. Unfortunately, it's not the best solution out there. Lemon juice lacks the fibers to fill you up and leave you satisfied, so opt for more fibrious fruit such as apples, oranges or pears instead. Don't rely on liquids to give your body the nutrition it needs, but if you're looking for a quick pick-me-up then reach for a juice packed with greens (kale, romaine, collards), root veggies (carrots, beets), fruit and possibly some boosters for flavour (ginger root, turmeric root, fresh herbs). Sugar balance is crucial so try to incorporate at least one of the greens into your juices and you'll have a power juice that'll revitalise you while delivering a great immunity boost.

It aids digestion and improves gut health

Drinking lemon water is not just a nice change from plain-old H20, it is also an excellent ally in eliminating nasties from your body. The antioxidants in lemons increase the water content inside the gut, in turn promoting bowel movements (sorry, but there was no other way to say it).

The bottom line is that lemon water is a great source of vitamin C and can helps your body to function at its best - but it's not a miracle cure. So grab a glass if you're feeling bloated or in need of refreshment - just be cautious of the acid as it may damage your tooth enamel if you drink it too often. We recommend using a straw combat this (though make sure it's an eco-friendly one, obvs). 

Photos: Unsplash and Instagram