Doing a celery juice cleanse? Read this first

Instagram may have - both literally and figuratively - swallowed it, but is there any truth behind the benefits of a celery juice cleanse?
Doing a celery juice cleanse? Read this first


There are currently 107,000 posts on Instagram tagged as #celeryjuice. People are feeling it. The biggest health trend of 2019 (so far, anyway), celery juice has surpassed the likes of kale, spinach and avocado and been hailed as the reigning champ of the green superfoods thanks to its magical healing powers.

But no one is touting celery juice more than NYT bestselling author and the founder of, Anthony William. A public advocate of the green stuff for over a decade, William believes that drinking it pure and on an empty stomach is the most powerful medicine of our time.

It's important to point out, however, that Anthony is not a licensed doctor, nor a healthcare practitioner. Instead, he prefers to call himself a 'medical medium' saying that he’s heard a voice in his ear since childhood which has helped him heal people.

Regardless of how much truth there is to that, he has undeniably made a name for himself in the wellness community, with celebrities such as Pharrell and Gwyneth Paltrow counting themselves as part of his following. According to his website, this is what celery juice can do:

1) Reverses inflammation due to apigenin, which is found in celery. 

2) Boosts brain function. Electrolytes in celery hydrate us on a cellular level and support the central nervous system as a result.

3) Acts as an antiseptic and also heals and alkalizes the gut, thanks to the naturally occurring sodium found in celery.

4) Celery has healing qualities for people suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, etc., as the natural salts found in it support the central nervous system.

5) Lessens our chances of getting migraines or panic attacks, as the electrolytes in celery hydrate on a cellular level.

6) Repairs damaged cells inside the liver.

Before rushing out to clear the shelves at your local Spinneys, there’s one small factor to consider: science does not back any of this up. So we asked a Dubai-based health coach if there is any truth behind the claims...

“Celery juice has many benefits that include neutralising and flushing toxins out of the liver," Asma Nassef tells us. "It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, balances the pH of the body, fights inflammation, helps prevent kidney stones and relieves constipation. This is because of the potassium, vitamin K and phytonutrients called flavonoids – which are powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune-system benefits."

"It’s also hydrating," Asma says, which aids digestion, decreases bloating and improves our energy. “Juicing the celery is also more beneficial than eating it because juicing, in general, is the fastest way for our bodies to absorb nutrients, unlike blending (commonly used to make smoothies), which slows down the absorption process.” But while Anthony advocates drinking the celery juice without other nutritious vegetables or fruit added to it so as not to dilute its medicinal properties, Asma disagrees.

“While I do not see a downside to drinking pure celery juice, I am against the idea of depending on only one ingredient to do all the work. There are so many fruits and vegetables that have a myriad of benefits for our health. We should take advantage of all of them.”

After a few days of celery juicing, the stress I felt every night knowing that I was waking up to celery juice outweighed all its benefits for me," Asma laughs about her foray into the celery juice world. "There should always be a balance between your psychological and physical health. Now I add celery to my green juice and I absolutely love it,” she says. 

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