Everything you need to know about Dubai’s first gourmet plant-based meal service

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Everything you need to know about Dubai’s first gourmet plant-based meal service

Veganism and adopting a plant-based diet is showing no signs of slowing down in the UAE, so it's an exciting time for Grazia to introduce Dubai's first gourmet and 100 per cent organic plant-based meal prep service.

Veganity was founded by trained chef Sky Sommers, 29, a Dubai resident who has lived in the Emirate for nine years. So, how did the idea come to her?

“I was posting photos and videos of vegan dishes I was cooking for myself to Instagram and people would ask if I would deliver the dishes and consider doing a meal prep service," Sky tells Grazia. "I tried it and it completely exploded – I couldn’t keep up with locals' demands from home, so I got a kitchen, rented out a restaurant and took it from there." Impressive stuff. 

Launched five months ago, Veganity (the name inspiration comes from feeling reborn as a vegan) serves an incredible selection of dishes - think lasagne, shepherd’s pie and avocado bread - with a set menu totalling 40 and alternating every two weeks. And we can't lie, having it all delivered fresh to your home is a real box ticked.

What made Sky adopt a vegan lifestyle is an incredibly poignant story in itself. "Two years ago, I began getting really sick," she begins. "I suffered from heart problems and I couldn’t go to the gym or eventually to work and I didn’t understand why. One day, after eating steak, I had a minor heart attack and the hospital revealed I had Type 2 diabetes. It was overwhelming. My friend was vegan and I used to say there was no way I ever would be because I loved food and cooking so much, but I thought I’d try it out for a month. Four weeks later I went for a check up and my insulin levels had regulated and I haven’t touched any medical pills - I was on 17 a day - since." Wow. 

She adds, "Our clients also include cancer patients. One was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, she went on a meal plan and two weeks ago the tumour completely disappeared. A vegan diet is scientifically proven to reverse cancer, especially in women, because our cancer cells rapidly increase by meat and dairy consumption. By limiting this, it manages to reverse all symptoms of cancer.”

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Next, let's discuss the elephant in the room: how do vegans hit their protein intake quota? "It's a myth that you can't get enough," insists Sky. "One of our burgers – made out of pea protein -  has 35 grams in it. People think we eat like rabbits but everything you ate before you can just make vegan and it’s way healthier. My hope is to mainstream the plant-based movement." 

Finally, Sky leaves us with this: "Try veganism for a month. If you don’t feel the difference, go back to your previous diet. But I felt so much better. You’ve really got nothing to lose."

For more information on the weekly and monthly packages, which cater for your diet five days a week, visit myveganity.com. Enter GRAZIA15 to apply our exclusive 15 per cent discount. Hop to it! 

Photos: Supplied and Instagram @veganityuae