Here are the wellness trends to look out for this year (and some you may want to avoid)

From hay bathing to ingestible collagen, we've found the weird and wonderful wellness trends that are taking the world, and our Instagram feeds, by storm
Here are the wellness trends to look out for this year (and some you may want to avoid)

Crystal healing, earthing, kale and hair gummies – every few months there’s a new fad that becomes the next big thing. This year is no different, and from the soup that wellness warriors swear by to a therapy that lands you in a bath of salt water, we’ve found the latest health trends that just might do the trick. Or not. Hey, it's fun to try...

Vitamin Infusions
Living in a city like Dubai, we seem to always be rushing and can barely remember to have lunch, let alone take our vitamins every day. Enter vitamin IV infusions. Vitamin drips are one of the most popular trends to hit the UAE and are loved by the likes of Rihanna, Mona Kattan and the Kardashian klan. A quick and painless procedure that can be done on your lunch break, the vitamins reach your bloodstream faster than taking pills and have been known to make patients feel healthier instantly.

Food, Glorious (read: questionable), Food
Moringa is the newest super-green to hit the market and the newest addition to your morning smoothie – it’s filled with immunity-boosting vitamins and apparently has a likeable taste, although that’s what they said about kale. Medicinal mushrooms are also fast becoming a foodie staple because of their stress-fighting benefits. Whether they’re added to your breakfast or sprinkled atop your morning coffee – yep, that’s a thing – having your daily dose might be worth it.

Stay Afloat
Floatation therapy is making waves throughout the wellness world. The therapy, available in the UAE, allows you to experience weightlessness, as you’ll be meditating while floating in a salt water-filled pod, or a small pool for those that can’t handle small spaces.

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Crazy About Collagen
Everyone knows collagen as the super-protein that we cling onto to keep our skin looking young, but did you know that it’s also vital for your body to function? Ingestible collagen is currently #trending for its benefits. Adored throughout Hollywood, collagen is beneficial for troubled tummies and for boosting gut health. Hipsters - forever making trends accessible for the rest of us - have given us ingestible collagen in the form of bone broth – the richest natural source of collagen and an elixir that’s been called ‘better than Botox’. When ingested, collagen can reduce cellulite, acne and even anxiety. Head down to Hapi, one of Dubai’s most popular spots for bone broth, in Al Serkal Avenue.

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Charcoal, Activate!
If you thought the days of charcoalmania were over, think again – everything from water to ice cream has been victim to the charcoal trend, and it seems it won’t be slowing down any time soon. Charcoal may be more beneficial for your face than your body, though, so put down that charcoal lemonade and pick up an activated charcoal face mask to drag out all of those impurities.

Hay There!
Struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Are your pilates classes making your muscles scream? Why not try hay bathing, an ancient Austrian tradition that’s popped up in the wellness world to help those suffering from muscle pain and fatigue. The treatment requires you to lay on a combination of fermented hay and herbs doused with essential oils (we’re serious) to rejuvenate your immune system and improve circulation.

So Fresh, So Clean
Vegan isn’t just for food anymore. Consumers are becoming more aware of what is going into, and onto, their bodies, making clean beauty one of the most important trends of 2018. With so much information at our fingertips, chemical-crazy brands have nowhere to hide. Companies like Jessica Alba’s Honest and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop are campaigning for beauty products that look good and are good for you too.

While we love experimenting with new trends, wellness doesn’t just have to mean eating (or drinking) your vegetables - you can get what you need by simply unplugging and focusing on the world around you. Turning your phone off for an hour - or just putting it on silent for those of you that can’t bear the thought of switching it off - can do wonders for your mental health and help you get a better night’s sleep. So instead of doing your nightly scroll through Instagram or checking out the latest Twitter feud before bed, why not pick up a book (or better yet, a copy of Grazia) and keep bed time technology-free.

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