Here’s why our health is now literally in our hands

This new app vows to transform how the UAE seeks medical advice
Here’s why our health is now literally in our hands

We use an app for everything from grabbing a cab and ordering food to telling us how many hours we’ve slept every night. Now we’re being told we need an app to tell us if we’re ill or not.

Yep. We were sceptical too. But bear with us, because it actually makes perfect sense. Health at Hand is a new DHA-regulated telehealth app which connects patients with licenced doctors via video consultations

Here are the facts: two-thirds of UAE patients are spending more than 45 minutes travelling, parking and waiting with each doctor’s visit. Health at Hand not only gives back your time, but it also helps to eliminate doubt over medical symptoms, giving us that all-important peace of mind. Pretty amazing, right? 

Super easy to use, the service works by asking each patient to complete a basic user profile ahead of being connected through to the doctor. The video consultation lasts 15 minutes - or longer, should you need it. There is also the option for patients to upload information on their symptoms along with any relevant photos. 

Post the call, a full doctor’s report is made available within minutes, detailing the doctor’s treatment recommendations and medication advice. 

Free to download on Google Play and the Apple Store, Health at Hand is available through pay-as-you go or an annual subscription, priced from as little as Dhs21 per month.

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We may be witnessing the future of healthcare. 

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