How to join the retro roller-skating club hitting Dubai's streets

Weareskt is bringing the super-cool roller-skate culture to Dubai. Grazia learns more
How to join the retro roller-skating club hitting Dubai's streets

Roll up, roll up! There’s a cool new club in town – and it relinquishes all association with late nights and sticky floors. It does, however, take you back to the ‘90s in the most epic way possible.

Weareskt is a community of roller-skaters who get together and take over various streets all over Dubai. “I used to roller-skate and inline-skate as a kid and really enjoyed it. That triggered an idea to bring it to the city,” co-founder Helya Mohit-Zadeh reveals to Grazia. “But I’m by no means an advanced skater – I’m probably one of the worst in the group. I’m still trying to figure out how to stop!”

Skating sessions take place across a number of different locations around Dubai, including the Palm, JLT, Dubai Design District and Business Bay. After a successful stint of weekly pop-up skate sessions, Helya decided to turn Weareskt into a business and become the first official inline-skating community in Dubai.

“People have been so enthusiastic,” Helya gushes to Grazia. “So many say they used to roller-skate as a kid but haven’t done it for years. Once they get their skates on they discover they can still do it. Equally, others have never tried it and struggle to get their balance at first, but it’s all about helping each other out.”

She adds, “We’re spreading the word and growing the skating community in Dubai. People aren’t aware it’s an option but it’s brilliant for bringing people together as well as burning calories.”

Socialising and burning calories at the same time? That is perhaps an unusual combination when it comes to city life. But the fitness benefits of roller-skating are exceptional. Not only is it a great cardio workout that tones your legs, it’s low impact so doesn’t damage the knees like running can do.

Not for the faint hearted, but Weareskt also run core killer sessions, where, put simply, you do core exercises on the skates. “It burns more calories than running because you’ve technically got weights on your feet which you are pulling along. You’ll be in pain after your first session, even if you regularly go to the gym, because you’re doing a full-body workout as well as working different muscles,” Helya explains.

No skates? No problem. Weareskt rent pairs for Dhs60, and if you want to invest long-term, they also sell them. While the sessions are completely free, Helya advises that complete novices have one or two paid-for, instructor-led classes - they cost Dhs150 - so they can master the basic skill. There’s also an option to pay for private sessions with groups of friends. Amazing. 

“The age range is so mixed in both the classes and sessions,” Helya continues. “Skating is for everyone. Children, teens, adults and those who are really into fitness." 

Sessions - hosting between three to thirty people - don’t have a time limit but tend to run for an hour and a half. Helya adds, “We want to keep it accessible because we don’t want to discourage anyone from coming. You can come for as long as they want and stop off along the way." 

See you on the streets.

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