It's time to say "I do" to the ultimate wedding-dress workout

You’ve got the gown, now we roadtest five shape-sculpting workouts designed with the most popular silhouettes in mind...

Spare a thought for poor, pressurised brides-to-be everywhere. These days, it isn’t enough to ditch weekend cake binges a mere month before the big day. Now you need to be training like an Olympic athlete, understanding your fat-to-muscle ratio, and signing up to macro-counting meal plans.

Or... you don't. We're all for doing exactly what makes you happy, and if that means weekend cake binges aplenty right up to and including the big day, we're fully on board with that too. But just in case you wanted to crack on with working out like a machine, we met with Senior Personal Trainer Bruna Gaetan, who tells us she's become somewhat of a wedding workout expert, being inundated with clients asking for body transformations 12 weeks ahead of the big day.

Here, Grazia Features Editor Olivia Adams is trained by Bruna at Fitness First and says “I do” to completing workout movements to fit into the world’s favourite dresses: fishtail, fit’n’flare, strapless, princess and mini.