It's time to talk about the importance of giving blood

What is the process of donation in the UAE? Grazia investigates…
It's time to talk about the importance of giving blood

It’s easier than you think to save a life in the region. The Dubai Health Authority's Blood Donation Centre (DBDC), located in Latifa Hospital, is the main donation centre and supplies to all hospitals in the city. You can book an appointment or walk in anytime between 7.30am and 7pm on weekdays and only have to wait 56 days between donations. Simple.

The hospital collects around 50,000 blood units every year and research has recorded that regular blood donation helps the body get rid of excess iron levels and decreases the possibility of strokes and heart diseases

And we leave you with this: each unit of blood donated can be used to help as many as four patients in need. Pretty amazing, right?

Why team Grazia are donors

Features Editor Olivia Adams gives the low-down on what happens when you roll up your sleeve... 

“Painless, quick, and with only a small plaster as a memory – the hype is far worse than the process I became a regular donor after my mum suffered a serious gastro operation, causing her to lose her stomach. She needed regular blood transfusions for a year and I feel immense gratitude to the selfless individuals who donated.

Before donating, ensure you are wearing comfy clothes, hydrated and have eaten a meal. During donation (which takes up to 10 minutes, although the whole process takes one hour), a nurse places a blood pressure cuff on your arm, and once the needle is in the vein you clench and relax your muscles to help maintain blood flow. Then it’s all over - best not to drive back – and your body starts replacing the usual 450ml of blood taken. You never know when you might need a lifeline, so please donate today

Call (+971)04 219 3221 to book an appointment or visit for more information

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