Ramadan Beauty Reflections: Shatha Essa

The Founder and Creative Director of Shatha Essa UAE lets us in on her Holy Month beauty secrets
Ramadan Beauty Reflections: Shatha Essa

How does your beauty routine differ during Ramadan compared to the rest of the year?

The only difference is that my skin gets really dry, especially my lips, because of the lack of hydration, so I adjust my routine to help with this. My go-to for this is the Cetaphil face and body moisturiser, and the QV Face Lip Balm.

Tell us about your beauty regime during Ramadan.

To remedy my dry skin during Ramadan, I like to use homemade masks. I combine natural honey, organic coconut oil & a drop of lavender essential oil. Honey is a natural antibacterial so it acts against any bacteria found on the skin and the coconut oil is rich in nourishing fatty acids & Vitamin E, which provides the skin with intense moisture. Last but not least, the lavender essential oil acts as an antiseptic to help the skin heal and restore its moisture, plus the smell is absolutely divine – you will feel like you’re in a spa!

How much make-up do you wear during Ramadan?

My make-up is generally very simple: concealer, blush, gentle contouring and a nude Matt lipstick. I also like the Red Cherry #WSP lashes when I want to glam up the look a bit.

Describe a typical day during Ramadan.

Mornings are spent with my children right before they head out for school. Afternoons are usually at my office, and then I go pick up my kids from school and spend the day with them. For Iftar, we usually break our fast either at my parents’ house or at my husband’s grandfather’s house. Then it’s back home for bedtime; I usually don't like to stay up very late. The weekends are an exception, though, that’s when we have late-night gatherings with friends.

Do you have tips for staying healthy during Ramadan?

This is very difficult. I usually stay healthy during the week but then I go all-out during the weekend! There’s just so much good food around.

What does Ramadan mean to you?

It’s a month of getting closer to religion and God - it’s a month where everything is pure.


Filorga Meso-Mask, Dhs227 at Care to Beauty

Clarins Double Serum, Dhs520 at Ounass

"This is my go-to moisturiser during Ramadan". Cetaphil Body Moisturiser, Dhs149 at Noon

"My lips get super-dry during Ramadan". QV Face Lip Balm, Dhs41 at Noon

La Mer The Lifting Eye Serum, Dhs1,077 at Ounass

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