These boutique fitness studios are serving up a slice of feelgood for 2020

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These boutique fitness studios are serving up a slice of feelgood for 2020

Instead of berating yourself with hardcore New Year's fitness resolutions, set out to feel good about yourself in 2020 by choosing a studio with stylish settings and unique, focused exercises, designed to take care of  nurturing both body and soul.

In the current age of wellness awareness across the world, more and more boutique fitness studios are popping up, and the UAE is getting in on the trend in a big way, so we've  rounded up three options that are well worth booking into.  

Urban Yoga

A spacious loft studio in the heart of  Business Bay at Aspect Tower (Executive Towers), Urban Yoga offers a luxe environment for a truly personal well-being journey. It delivers anatomy-focused yoga, which moves the body with physical and mental benefits. You can opt to enter two studios - The Warehouse, which overlooks the sea; or The Loft, which treats you to an intimate space, offering restorative yoga, interactive workshops and smaller classes. After your session, you can take a soothing shower, relax at the lounge area, or buy a few yoga essentials at the retail area.


If you're after rigourous workouts and heart-racing cardio, Crank will be your favourite spot. With an edited set of classes, you can very easily choose your session. 'Ride' is a 45 minute full body workout, which involves cyling in a backdrop of great beats and ultra modern light and sound system; or pick 'Shape' for a HIIT workout, as the name suggests, shapes your muscles. The facility also helps balance your fitness routine with its 'Stretch' sessions, helping muscle recovery. But don't worry, it's safe to attend at all levels of flexiblity. The interiors? You will keep going back for more!

The Body Company 

Fit in 20 minutes? It almost sounds too good to be true, but The Body Company encompasses our dreams. Pin-pointed at two locations in Abu Dhabi, it provides personally coached EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) trainings. The low level current impulses engage most muscle groups and tone your body during the 20 minute workout, plus the impulses boost metabolism and help you burn more calories by having increased basal metabolic rate (BMR). Call it science, or fitness, we are officialy tempted.

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