These wellness drinks are Instagram's latest obsession

From wheatgrass shots to fermented tea, we feel like we've seen it all. Here are the newest wellness drinks that are taking social media - and our kitchens - by storm
These wellness drinks are Instagram's latest obsession

We’re no strangers to trying new trends, and while there are some that have now become staples in our day-to-day lives, others… er, not so much. We’re looking at you, kimchi. Over the years we’ve eaten many a ‘trendy’ vegetable (for some reason, often fermented) but those days are over – wellness drinks are now on the rise and are perfect for cooler weather (which we should be getting any day now).

Beautiful and beneficial. Sounds like the perfect drink to us.

Spice it up

Living in a fast-paced city that runs on demands and deadlines can make it difficult to unwind after a long day, and when you do eventually get into bed, your brain reminds you of a hundred more things to do. Enter moon milk – the perfectly Instagrammable nightcap that’s taken social media by storm.

Moon milk is made by mixing warm milk with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and a drop of honey, and is said to relieve stress and cure insomnia. Plus, it’s sure to pep up your Insta feed. Add in some stress-busting antigens in the form of ginseng, reishi mushroom powder or the much-loved ashwagandha for added bedtime benefits.

A whole latte benefits

Put down your pumpkin spice lattes everyone, there’s a new drink in town. A favourite among health gurus around the world - including Gwyneth Paltrow - turmeric lattes (a.k.a golden milk) are packed full of nutritional goodness. A healing spice, turmeric not only has anti-inflammatory qualities but it’s said to improve memory and reduce cholesterol, as well as act as a natural mood booster. Mix it with honey, vanilla extract and warm milk for the caffeine-free version, or add in a shot of espresso for a kick.

Meet your matcha

Okay, so matcha ain't exactly new, but it’s still as popular as ever because of its benefits and overall deliciousness. The magical green powder is packed with antioxidants, and can be used on pretty much anything. Mix it with hot water for a spin on your morning tea, or sprinkle it atop your cereal, into your smoothie, onto your ice cream… you see where we’re going with this.

Matcha may be full of caffeine but not to worry, it won’t give you the jitters and helps to keep you focused throughout the day. "But isn’t it just green tea?" we hear you ask. Matcha is the entire leaf turned into powder form as opposed to just steeping your tea leaves like you would for a green tea, so this way you’re ingesting every benefit possible. Bottoms up!

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